Things I’ve published in academia and talked about at industry conferences.

Complete list by reverse chronological order of all my talks and academic publications in Computer Science and Biology.


Cheating at Poker James Bond Style


Ever dreamed of cleaning up at poker, but afraid that you are not good enough to do it on your own? Fear not! The chinese underground got you covered with high-tech concealed cheating devices that automatically read marked cards and whisper them in your ear through an ear-piece.

I am a legend: Hacking Hearthstone


Want to become a legend at Hearthstone -- Blizzard’s blockbuster collecting card game -- or simply learn how to play better? Then pull up a chair by the hearth and join us for a talk about Hearthstone mechanics and how to improve your chance of winning using machine learning and data mining.

Academic Papers

Easy does it: More usable CAPTCHAs

2014 - Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on human factors in computing systems, 2637–2646.

E Bursztein, A Moscicki, C Fabry, S Bethard, JC Mitchell, D Jurafsky

Webseclab security education workbench

2010 - Cyber Security Experimentation and Test

E Bursztein, B Gourdin, C Fabry, J Bau, G Rydstedt, H Bojinov, D Boneh, JC Mitchell

Adenoviruses structure

2008 - Virologie 12 (4), 275-292.

M El Bakkouri, CMS Fabry, P Fender, G Schoehn